PGH Players Graphite Hybrid


KBS Players Graphite Hybrid


The KBS Players Graphite Hybrid PGH based on the KBS Players Graphite Iron Platform & family, is a shaft that offers golfers of all abilities an easier launch shaft with better spin - from junior to elite level tangible performance benefits and features enabling playability beyond the universal standard for graphite hybrid shafts. KBS enlisted its Research & Development Team to create a lighter weight(s) Graphite Hybrid than the KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype, and adding in characteristics such as Lower CG, thus creating a swing weight that creates an easier to strike Hybrid shaft that compliments your game. Offered in Parallel Tip options - the new KBS PGH comes in weights ranging in 10-gram increments from 45 to 105 grams with coinciding differentiating flex patterns.

“The new graphite wrap technology incorporated in the KBS PGH shaft eliminates the variables for more consistency and shot control, while providing the same optimal tight tolerances and dispersion as the pioneering KBS Tour Steel shafts have done in the past in a lighter weight that makes it easier to swing,” said Director of R&D and master shaft-maker Kim Braly.

NOTE: (.370) Parallel Shaft is a single length shaft that will be Tip & Butt Trimmed to length. Trimming CAN change how the shaft will play. 3-PW will be 8 pcs.

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45g Lite 42″ .600 .370
55g A 42″ .600 .370
65g R 42″ .600 .370
75g R+ 42″ .600 .370
85g S 42″ .600 .370
95g S+ 42″ .600 .370
105g X 42″ .600 .370