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01. Material

What shaft material do you prefer?



02. Swing Speed

What is your 7 iron swing speed?

03. Tempo

What kind of tempo do you swing with?




04. Release

How do you release the club in your downswing?




05. Desired Trajectory

Which trajectory would you like to see in your ball flight?




06. Desired Spin

What is your desired spin for your iron shots?




07. Distance or Control

Do you prefer a shaft that will help you gain distance or one that will help control your ball flight?




08. Weight

What is your preference in the weight of your shaft?




Graphite shafts are typically lighter than steel shafts, which allows golfers to generate greater clubhead speed and distance. They are also more flexible in the ultra-lite weights, which can help golfers with slower swing speeds achieve greater distance and accuracy. In the tour weights, graphite has increased stability for the faster swing speeds. Graphite shafts have a unique feel, with a softer and more muted sensation when the ball is struck.

Steel shafts are heavier than graphite shafts, which makes them more stable during the swing. Steel is generally preferred by stronger, faster-swinging golfers who value control over distance. Steel shafts provide a more distinct and pronounced feel at impact, with a sharper and crisper feedback sensation.

Note: If your 7 iron swing speed is less than 70mph, Graphite will be a better fit for you.

Use your 7 iron swing speed for this question. If you are unsure of your swing speed, you can use your 7 iron distance divided by two as a close estimate (for example: a 7 iron goes 160 yards, resulting in an 80 mph 7 iron swing speed).


Tempo is the relationship of your backswing speed to your downswing speed. The faster your BACKSWING the quicker the tempo. Does your backswing and downswing feel the same speed (quick)? Or is your backswing slower than your downswing (smooth)?

Release is when you unload the shaft in your downswing. A wide arc extending motion of your downswing would be an early release, and a narrow arc pulling down motion would be a late release.

Do you need to see the ball flying in higher to stop better on the green, or does your ball stop quickly on the green and you need a lower ball flight?

Note: Tour weighted shafts will result in a low to mid trajectory, while lite and ultra-lite shafts will result in a mid to high trajectory.

Select whether you need to add more spin or reduce spin from your next set of iron shafts. Do you need to increase spin rate to help the ball stop on the green better (high), or do you create too much spin that a 7 iron stops immediately on the green (low)?

Select whether you would like more control over the shaping of your iron shots, more distance with a straighter ball flight, or a combination of both. If you prefer to work the ball, a shaft with more control will help you. If you need straighter shots, distance will help you.

Select a weight category relative to your physical strength and ability to create speed.

Ultra-lite = Ultra-lite weighted shafts

Lite = Mid-weighted shafts

Tour = Heavy weighted shafts for more advanced players