Kim Braly Bio

Kim Braly was born in Opelika, Alabama (1955), the son of Dr. Joe Braly, an avid golfer, engineer and club tinkerer. Kim quickly developed a fondness for the game of golf and began working alongside his father at an early age. Throughout his career, Kim has made significant contributions to the golf industry and continues to do so as the Director of Research and Development and Tour Operations at KBS. Kim currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is a devoted golfer and fisherman.

Kim’s lifelong passion for golf and the professional tour have resulted in numerous accomplishments, including those as an amateur player. Kim’s father, who was also a talented golfer, is largely recognized as a pioneer among golf club designers. Dr. Braly’s popular designs were the Console Sand wedge and the DynaPhase golf clubs (the first mass produced clubs made with titanium).

After taking courses at Wake Forest University, Kim returned home to work in the family business at Console Golf. Kim worked alongside his father and concentrated primarily on golf club design and shaft technology. After completing a number of engineering classes, Kim and his father sought out the best golfers in the world to validate their designs and assist in the development of new product. Together, Kim and Dr. Braly formed one of the first-ever Tour vans on the PGA Tour. During this time, the Braly’s engineered innovative golf shaft technologies, co-authored patents on Frequency Matching® and designed new products for manufacturers and touring professionals.

In the 1980’s, Kim and his father formed Precision Shaft Corporation. Kim was responsible for developing and running production for proprietary steel shafts that were supplied to several of the major club head manufacturers. Through a series of buyouts in the 1990’s, Precision eventually became Royal Precision. While at Royal Precision, Kim patented Frequency Matching for graphite and created two revolutionary stepless steel shaft designs: the RIFLE ® Golf Shaft and Project X ® Golf Shaft.

In 2007, FST co-founders Rob Cheng and David Chuang approached Kim about starting a premier, high-performance line of steel golf shafts. Kim Braly Signature (KBS) Tour Shafts was formed in early 2008 and has rapidly become the fastest growing steel shaft brand in the industry. In a relatively short time, KBS shafts have been adopted by top PGA Tour professionals and the custom department of every major manufacturer. Combining FST’s state-of-the-art manufacturing with Kim’s empirical knowledge, the KBS Tour Series offers original performance options that have been proven in independent robot testing, on the PGA Tour, and by our passionate community of fans.

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