FST Manufacturing

FEMCO Steel Technology (FST) is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of premium high-carbon steel golf shafts, including the KBS TOUR™ Series. A subdivision of Far East Machinery Company (FEMCO), FST’s technical expertise incorporates a rich history of steel product manufacturing, ranging from custom CNC machine tools to power plant installation specializing in metal forming.

Precision manufacturing is essential for producing the high-performance KBS TOUR Series. KBS shaft designs incorporate several notable characteristics, such as material weight distribution, advanced taper patterns, section balance and other tolerance controls. At FST, manufacturing is specifically tailored for the KBS TOUR Series and incorporates over 25 carefully monitored steps during production.

Components in the creation process:

  1. High-Quality 1035 Carbon Steel - optimal combination of strength and softness
  2. Atmospheric Normalizing - atmosphere controlled heat treatment for equalizing metallurgic structure
  3. Oil Quenching - exclusive tempering process for achieving optimal hardness and ductility
  4. CNC Machine Straightening - computer controlled straightening that measures deviation in multiple sections and applies directional force to produce a perfectly straight shaft.
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